Welcome to the HyGroBot Project!

The goal of the HyGroBot Project is to empower beginner and master gardeners alike with community-based knowledge, tools and products to consistently yield the best possible crops.

When we started out as beginner gardeners, we found a wealth of information on the subjects that interested us. However, whether on the Internet or in print, we discovered that for every gardening technique, nutrient type, lighting technology, automation system, instrument of measure, there was no way to separate actual data from opinions and no way to methodically implement a 'recipe' in order to replicate an experiment and compare results. We were drowning in the noise, searching for a clear signal to guide us.

This search eventually lead us to developing our own system to experiment in a controlled environment and with measurable results. This is where the HyGroBot Project started. This site is dedicated to documenting and sharing what we built and what we learned from it, so that anyone can replicate what we have done.

It is also our goal to offer ready-to-use HyGroBot products and services starting Fall 2013 from our Nwazet web site

If you want to find out what exactly HyGroBot is, please follow this link...